Semaglutide Weight Loss Plan

Price: $249.00 / month

Available Add-Ons

Ondansetron is a medication used to prevent nausea and vomiting. This add-on is billed and shipped only once and is NOT automatically charged to you each month.

B-12 Shots

10mL Vial Vitamin B-12 (1mL per week x 10 weeks) + 10 Syringes. This add-on is billed and shipped only once and is NOT automatically charged to you each month.

Product price: $249.00
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After enrollment into this subscription, you will be sent additional onboarding instructions for our secure patient portal called Healthie where the rest of this process will take place. Once onboarding is completed, you will be sent pre-paid labwork orders (or you can provide your own labs if resulted within the past 6 months and if they contain results for CBC, CMP, TSH, A1C and Insulin) at which point your results will be assigned to a provider licensed in your state for review and prescribing. The prescription will then be sent to one of our pharmacy partners for manufacturing and fulfillment. All of our pharmacy partners are licensed 503(a) compounding pharmacies, located here in the United States and bound to FDA guidance and regulatory compliance. We only work with NABP and/or LegitScript accredited pharmacies to ensure the highest level of compliance and quality.

This product and pricing is valid for treatment of up to 1.0mg per week. Higher dosages are available if medically appropriate and should be discussed with our care team staff prior to ordering as the higher dosage is associated with an increased price due to the amount of medication required. The high dose plan will be required to be medically appropriate and a current prescription indicating use of dosages higher than 1.0mg/week will be required in order to be prescribed. Initial dosages higher than 1.0mg/week are not available for patients who are not currently taking this medication for patient safety reasons.
This subscription includes ALL fees and services associated with the requested treatment including onboarding services, prepaid labwork orders, provider’s fees, injection supplies, all shipping charges, and most importantly – the medication itself.