Semaglutide Weight Loss Plan (High Dose)

Price: $299.00 / month

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The High Dose Semaglutide treatment is available for patients when it is medically appropriate and either labwork must support it or a current prescription must be presented during onboarding.

After enrollment, you will be sent additional onboarding instructions for our secure patient portal called Healthie where the rest of this process will take place.

Semaglutide 2.4 mg was associated with a mean weight loss of 5.9% after 3 months among 150 patients treated for weight management at a referral center, according to findings of a new real-world study.

Investigators reported further that reduction in bodyweight with the glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist increased to 10.9% at 6 months. Moreover, the Mayo Clinic team found that >50% of semaglutide users achieved weight loss of ≥10% at 6 months.

The findings are from the first retrospective study of the once weekly subcutaneous antiobesity medication since its approval in June 2021. The authors, led by Andres Acosta, MD, PhD, assistant professor of medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, write “These results may support the applicability of semaglutide in a less controlled environment, as previously proven in RCTs.”

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of semaglutide for long-term weight management was the first such approval since 2014 and was based on the STEP clinical trial program. The series of large randomized controlled trials demonstrated a mean weight loss of 6% of body weight at 3 months and 12% of body weight at 28 weeks among semaglutide-treated participants with overweight or obesity.

The Mayo Clinic team found that 50% of semaglutide users achieved weight loss of ≥10% at 6 months.
This product and pricing is valid for treatment of up to 2.5mg per week. Lower dosages are available and are offered at a lower price point if needed.