Pre-Approved For Treatment

Congratulations! Based on the answers to our questionnaire, you are pre-approved for treatment in our Weight Loss Protocol.

Your next step to begin treatment is to enroll in the program. The following is a timeline of events which you can expect in this program:

  1. Enroll in the program. (Signup link is at the bottom of this page)
    This step should take no more than approximately 10 minutes to complete and can be completed at your convenience.
  2. Onboarding begins.
    Once enrollment is confirmed by our staff, you will be sent a welcome email from your Care Team coordinator and an additional email with onboarding instructions. You should receive these emails within 1 business day from the time of your enrollment. (Please check spam/junk mail folders.)
  3. Bloodwork orders are sent.
    Once onboarding is completed, you will be sent prepaid labwork orders. It is important that you contact your lab as quickly as possible in the event that they require appointments.
  4. Bloodwork results are returned directly to us.
    The lab will return your results directly to us and you will be notified by our Care Team by email that your results are in. This typically occurs within 3-4 business days of having your blood drawn.
  5. Your questionnaire and labwork results are added to your provider’s review queue.
    Your questionnaire and results are analyzed by your provider to ensure safety and proper dosing of the requested medication. This typically occurs within 3-4 business days of labwork results being returned to us.
  6. Prescription is sent to our partner pharmacy.
    When scripted, the provider sends the orders directly to our partner pharmacy for fulfillment. This occurs immediately after your questionnaire and labwork results are analyzed. You will receive an email update from us at this point.
  7. Partner pharmacy fulfills order.
    We utilize a number of LegitScript approved compounding pharmacies to fulfill patient orders. Typically, these pharmacies will fulfill orders within 1-2 business days and ship via expedited service. Seasonal delays due to increased order volume may occur. 
  8. You receive your medication & associated supplies.
    You will receive everything needed to begin your treatment including dosages that were prescribed by your provider. It is important to ensure you are taking the medication properly, so please reach out to us directly at this point if you are not 100% certain you are following instructions correctly.